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Stephen Covey on Priorities #DailyCalm

Remember… It is not the critical who counts…

We were rewatching the Roosevelt’s by Ken Burns and my wife wanted a copy of this quote. Great words to live by, especially in today’s world.

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On Destiny and Choice

Such perfect timing @5minutejournal

Should you play it safe?

Such perfect timing @5minutejournal

Finding Limits…

One finds limits by pushing them.

— Herbert Simon
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Steve King on the Fear of Starting Something

Very true. Sometimes you just need to stay with a project to get past the fear. Via @5minutejournal

Ben Franklin on the importance of writing… And living. 

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The Truth will set you free…

Ain’t that the truth… Via @5minutejournal

Just Keep Breathing…

Morning inspiration with the @5minutejournal

Tim Ferries on Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Daily insight via @5minutejournal

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